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Andrea Calvery

On Air @ The Atelier Collaboration Bundle: “Rest”

On Air @ The Atelier Collaboration Bundle: “Rest”

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They told her to rest…


She rested in the beauty of the wind, the sun, the moon, the stars…

In watching the trees and the fields and the forest dance…

Amongst the scent of the earth and the chatter of the creatures….

She flew with the wind and meandered with the water…

This bliss was rest…a frolic of beauty and love.

Midnight fall….let the frenzy rest on.

~ Andrea Calvery


“Rest” Joy series 2022

Bundle includes 11x17 "Rest" Print, Midnight Margarita On the Rocks soap and 9 oz Bath Bonbon PLUS Free 3 oz bath bonbon and 9X13 "Perpetual" Print

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